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Michigan Military and
Veterans Hall of Honor

Our best Michigan military veterans deserve to be publicly recognized and honored.

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2020 and 2021 Inductees

2020 Veteran Inductees

  • Retired Major Rosemarie E. Aquilina, National Guard (Bio)
  • Lieutenant Commander Gerald R. Ford, Jr., U.S. Navy (Bio)
  • Staff Sergeant William G. Milliken, U.S. Army Air Corps (Bio)
  • Lieutenant Commander Gary C. Peters, USNR (Bio)
  • Sergeant Peter F. Secchia U.S. Marine Corps (Bio)
  • Airman Second Class Linda M. Woods, U.S. Air Force (Bio)

2020 Military Inductees

  • Retired Admiral Maurice Curts, U.S. NAVY (Bio)
  • Retired Vice Admiral Richard Gallagher, U.S. Navy (Bio)
  • Major Morton Harris, U.S. Army Air Corps (Bio)
  • Second Lieutenant Aleda Lutz, U.S. Army Air Corp (Bio)
  • Ret. Major General Lucius Theus, U.S. Air Force (Bio)
  • Ret. Lieutenant Colonel Donald C. Thomas, Jr., U.S. Air Force (Bio)

2021 Veteran Inductees

  • Ret. Lieutenant Colonel Joseph J. Gablesberger, U.S. Army (Bio)
  • Retired Captain Thomas J. Haas, U.S. Coast Guard (Bio)
  • First Lieutenant Michael J. Rogers, U.S. Army (Bio)
  • LTC John J.H. (Joe) Schwarz, M.D., U.S. Navy (Bio)
  • Lance Corporal Sid E. Taylor, U.S. Marine Corps (Bio)

2021 Military Inductees

  • Retired Brigadier General Peter M. Dawkins, U.S. Army (Bio)
  • Retired Command Sergeant Major Catherine Farrell, Michigan Army National Guard (Bio)
  • Retired Major General Adolph McQueen, U.S. Army (Bio)
  • Suzanne Parish, U.S. Army Air Corps (Bio)
  • Ret. Command Sergeant Major Jeffrey T. Stitzel, U.S. Army (Bio)
  • Brigadier General Katherine White, Michigan Army National Guard (Bio)

2022 Hall of Honor Ceremony

Michigan History Museum
702 Kalamazoo St.
Lansing, Michigan

About the Ceremony

The 2022 induction ceremony wil be held November 18, 2022, 12:30 p.m.

An induction ceremony is held to recognize Michigan’s most distinguished service members. This special occasion marks the official recognition of distinguished service in the United States Armed Forces for the six Military Category inductees, and the extraordinary civic and community service of the six Veteran Category inductees. Invited dignitaries include Michigan's Governor, Michigan National Guard’s Adjutant General, Michigan’s U.S. Senators, and the Chair of the Michigan Military and Veterans Hall of Honor Board of Directors. Banners commemorating each inductee will be on display, with photo opportunities for the media, visitors, inductees, and families. Inductees or their surviving families are presented the specially designed Michigan Military and Veterans Hall of Honor Medal; a State of Michigan tribute document signed by the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, the inductee’s State Senator and State Representative; and congratulatory letters from Michigan’s U.S. Senators.

Honor and Educate

The Michigan Military and Veterans Hall of Honor seeks to not only honor Michigan military veterans, but to also educate our citizens about military service as a basic and honorable duty of citizenship--to stir patriotic spirit, a sense of civic duty, and a sense of honor that calls people to arms.

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